case study:

- crafting compelling copy

Writing effective copy is both an art and a science.

It requires creativity, a sense of beauty and fact.

~ Doug Marvel

i Create ideas for advertising, social media and digital campaigns.

CHALLENGE: My client wanted to feature several different health topics that they could rotate. Since we were working with a fixed site layout, special attention was paid to word count both for the benefit of a simple read and space fit.


Solution: I developed a series of "Healthy Tips" topics that met the requirements of both a fixed word count and a fixed layout. This allowed for topics to rotate out randomly without compromise to the site format.

web banners:

I designed each banner to feature a corresponding health topic that ran in tandem with social media marketing efforts and linked directly to the blog.

CHALLENGE: Gastroenterology is hard enough to say let alone spell. My client wanted to feature related health topics that could have variable word counts with an elastic format that would adjust for each topic regardless of its length.


Solution: I developed a series of branded "Gut Check" topics that were ghost written by me and then approved by the practice physician. The length of the articles could vary widely and the responsive site format would automatically adjust for each topic.

authoring. co-authoring. ghost writing. it’s what i do best.

In the end, great copy often combines several techniques into one publication.

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