Never advertise anywhere unless you have a reasonable expectation that your target market will see it.

~ Doug Marvel

case study:

- ENT balloon sinuplasty

Introducing Sniffles "the little balloon that delivers big relief."

Outdoor: Fairway Rotating Digital Boards Athletic lifestyle approach geared to drive traffic to web site.

CHALLENGE: My client had two challenges marketing ”balloon sinuplasty” to the Atlanta market. They needed a way to deliver a clear explanation of the procedure, and reduce the perception

of requiring hospitalization

for surgical treatment.


Solution: I developed

a cartoon character of

a balloon (which is

used for the procedure)

to tell our story. His name is

Sniffles. Follow

him and you

can breathe

easy again.

Outdoor: Fairway Rotating Digital Boards. I created a high impact, vibrant approach geared to drive traffic to web site. The billboards rotated, so drivers got to know sniffles and how easy it was for him to breathe easy again.

Radio: I developed a 30 second generic audio spot, and a 60 second spot for during spring allergy season.

Banner Ads: the Internet was a big part of our on line campaign. We ran on all major social media sites. They were mainly pay per click and were very effective!

Magazine: Since athletes are a big part of the market, I targeted different sports publications. The ads below ran in a regional golf magazine seen throughout metro Atlanta golf clubs.

Web Site: I created a marketing site that played off the catchy URL:

Existing Client Site: I leveraged the existing site to market the procedure as well as develop a "are you a good candidate" survey

that produced a range of "risk" and would schedule a consultation.

Print Collateral: We wanted a friendly way to keep existing patients informed, so I created a 10 panel accordion fold statement insert brochure that explained the procedure in great detail, as well as instill confidence that this "in-Office" procedure was performed by the ENT staff and not outsourced from another provider.

Site Banner Ads:

These were mainly

used on other sites and

hyperlinked visitors to the web site.

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