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~ Doug Marvel

case study:

- Email/Web Marketing

web banners and email marketing give a tour package punch.

CHALLENGE: My client wanted to feature several different packages without cluttering up their home page.


Solution: I developed a series of animated hyper-link banners that sent users to tour specific pages with just one click.

web banners:

I designed each banner to feature a single icon that was indicative to the region being marketed. In this example the choice was obvious, a vodka bottle shaped like Poland did the trick.

It seemed natural to pair Dubrovnik with wine. Afterall, a blissful Bosnian countryside, and a private wine tour should set things right!.

The Budapest tram serves as the backbone of the transit system, carrying almost 100 million more passengers annually. These cable car marvels are the yellow taxis of Hungary.

Muhu Island, off the coast of Estonia seems a place lost in time, however, it gained world wide fame for its red pepper banana crepe and unique Mediterranean cuisine.

You cannot find a more iconic image for Russia than the Fabergé Egg. It’s one of Easter's most elegant decorations, and a hallmark of Russian royalty.

companion pages: The family travel promotion required additional sub navigation pages that were not part of the main site navigation. Having family travel serve as the "parent" we were able to develop "child" pages to market the other destinations being marketed.

interactive pages: The Top Ten Poland promotion incorporated user interactivity to set it apart from other destinations that were easier for the clients agents to book.

expandable widgets: An enhanced user experience was created using expandable and collapsible images and descriptions when moused over. It was a great way to share much more information within a smaller space.

CHALLENGE: My client wanted memorable way to market to their 5000+ customers through email marketing.


Solution: I developed a series of email campaigns that dynamically showcased several popular destinations that took the user to vibrant, exciting package specific landing pages on the web site with just one click.

email contact forms: Custom contact forms were created to highlight staff  responsible for booking travel within different countries. Accolades, photos and phone numbers were also included to let users see who they were dealing with on the phone or on line.

image search: A large part of the success of the project was due to the use of truly exciting images. Some were client provided but several images were purchased from a variety of royalty free services to ensure the project ”look and feel” was up to date.

social media: We also leveraged our campaign presence by incorporating paired down versions of the individual promotions on the major sites as well as links to travel related sites.

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