Since usability is about getting a task done, aspects of user experience like information architecture and user interface can help or hinder a user's experience.

~ Doug Marvel

desktop. tablet. smartphone.

device specific design for our demanding digital world.

i deliver projects that are not merely acceptable,

but exceeds your expectations and engrosses your readers.

desktop: If mobile devices are taking over, do web designers still need to think about designing for desktop users? We certainly do. Last year, more than three quarters of all browsing took place on desktop PCs, so no designer can afford to ignore this user base.


tablet: The philosophy of responsive web design is elegant, I naturally gravitate to it, and it worked wonders for optimizing the desktop version of the website for tablet devices. At the end of the day though, I did not feel it was appropriate for mobile devices.


mobile: I use a mobile first design, it has the advantages of simplicity, speed, usability, and accessibility, all of which are important features of web design best practices.

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